Diwali is one of my favorite festival with lights and sparkle in every nook and corner. There is so much to do in so little time, at least for the working ladies,  cleaning, shopping, decorating, making dishes etc. I always feel Diwali without preparing sweets and snack is incomplete. Of course now a days one gets everything from market but making at home for Diwali is something different. 

Hope you all had a great time with your family and friends during this festive season. I had a great time. Sharing with you the lovely moments I had during Diwali.

Floating flowers

Floating rose petals


Flowery lights from Bangkok


Homemade Lamp

Floating Flowers

Rangoli &Diyas

Laxmi feets in Rangoli

Floating Diya

Puja of Laxmi & Ganesh

Floating Diya in teracotta pot

Kandil in balcony

Images : Personal Album


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