Wishing all a Happy Diwali!!!

Diwali is one of my favourite festivals.  Diwali means lights, crackers, sweets, rangoli, shopping...
Diwali also known as Deepawali is the festival of light and sweetness. It is basically a symbol of the victory of good over evil, brightness over darkness.
Diwali celebrations are incomplete and graceless without the use of Diwali diyas. There is no doubt, diyas were, are, and will remain a significant part of the Diwali festival.

The word, ‘Deepavali’ means rows of lamps. This explains why Diyas are an integral part of the festival. The traditional Diwali Diyas or lamps have witnessed a makeover in past few years. Erstwhile they were the sole creation of the potter’s wheel but today they are being handled by creative designers and craftsman who paint and turn diyas in innovative shapes and pattern. These days one can find a variety of ready to gift Diyas sets in the market.

I love creating my own diyas every diwali and gifting them to friends and family.
Here are some of the diyas created this year......


Rangoli is a colourful pattern made near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. The term Rangoli is derived from words: rang (colour) and aavalli (row) so rangoli is row of colours. Rangoli is made during Diwali in attractive designs.
Rangoli has different names in every region of India.  In Maharashtra, rangoli is made by using powder colours.
I have made rangoli using powder colours as well as flowers....