Its been almost 2 months since I have posted anything on my blog. Firstly, was very busy or lazy. Well, this part I am always confused if am busy or lazy, coz if you are passionate about something then you always have time for that. Secondly, was really tied up with lots of stuff. 

  • Was on Vacation to Veitnam & Combodia on our marriage anniversay. Will post an article in detail on this.
  • As soon we came back, my mom was down with Dengue, so was taking care of her. It took us 3 days to know that she has Dengue.
  • Then came Karva Chauth. Luckily, this time Karwa Chauth was on a weekend, so was little relaxed in getting the Mehandi done and over all getting dressed (wearing saree) for the Puja. Waiting for the moon to rise.
  • Then was busy with Diwali cleaning, Diwali Party at office, Puja at home. Guests at home. New Year followed by Bhaiduj. Sometimes I think festivals especially Diwali is more tire some then fun. But  honestly I love this time of the year!!!
Finally have time for blogging!!! I promise to update my blog regularly...