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I was really surprised to see the religion that originated in India have gained more popularity outside India. Buddhism has widespread in Southeast Asia, East Asia and Far East Asia.

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Rangoli is the art form used on the floor during festivals. Rangoli is very impoertant use form used during Diwali. In different parts on India Rangoli has small variations here and there, though art of making Rangoli is almost the same.

Rangoli in South India is referred to as Kolam. Kolam is the name followed in Tamil Nadu. In Kerala, it is called Poovidal or Pookalam. In Andhra Pradesh, Muggulu is the given the name & in the state of Karnataka it is called Rangaavaali. The making of Kolam has an extensive use of dots which form the basic frame work of the Rangoli.
In the eastern state of West Bengal, the Rangoli is famously known as Alpana. The Alpana is used before important festivals as well as auspicious days.

Aripana is the name given to the Rangolis in Bihar, at the time of puja ceremonies and other devotional gatherings.
Madana is the name given to the Rangoli in Rajasthan.

In Uttar Pradesh, it is commonly known as the Chowkpurana thought the manner of making it more or less remains the same.
In the rest of the parts of India, like the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra which are on the western coast of the country, the name Rangoli is used extensively. There are different names in different regions and languages.
But the Rangoli continues to remain a collection of colours which are considered very auspicious at festive occasions as well as gatherings for prayers as well as devotional purposes.

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