We have only 3 working days this week. Wednesday and Thursday is off due to Eid ul fitr and Ganesh Chaturthi, the indian festivals. Lots of fun and frolic around. 

This week challenge in I am Diva is Kiss my Grid.

So here goes the entry for the challenge...

With environmental issues such as Global Warming, pollution  we, as a nation should be  more focused  on finding natural ways to live, even when it comes to decorating our homes. From exterior building materials to interior paints, fabrics and fixtures, most people are starting to think ‘green’ before selecting products.

I have always emphasized on recycled products and beleive in GO GREEN ideas.

This time I have decided to use Terracotta for decor which is again a natural product. Terracotta is clay based unglazed ceramic. Terracotta is timeless material, which is derived from nature. It is there since the beginning of time and will forever have a place in great design both indoors and outdoors.

Terracotta gives a very natural and ethnic look for Indian decor. Keen sense of aesthetics will help you incorporate these items in your daily life. Terracotta is not entirely an Indian art form but is found in many other countries.

Here is the terracotta table and the  bowl which I picked up from an exhibition...

Elephant table

A colourful terracotta bowl to place floating candles/flowers etc. Bright and contrasting colours give it a gaiety of appearance.

Flowers floating in a terracotta bowl bring smile on everyones face and fragrance in the air, simple ways in which we could bring terracotta art into our homes.  I have used  fascinating arrangement of dried flowers.

Terracotta items are breakable. One needs to ensure that they are not dropped  or they will break. Clean with cotton cloth.

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 Margaret Bremner, a fellow CZT, brings us this week's Diva Challenge (number 35). 

So here it goes...

In this hectic world, where stress is surrounded everywhere, its very importance we have some stress buster. One of the stress buster is having a fish aquarium in your house. 

Its a proven fact  that aquariums have an effect on people (a healthy mind, body and spirit). An aquarium helps you rest, relax, find tranquility and harmony, it  reduces stress.  Watching aquariums has been medically proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. After a long and tiring day, relaxing on your couch or in your bed means so much more when you're watching your happy fish swimming around in your "living work of art." 

Here is the fish aquarium in my house.

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Buddha means awakened one. Buddhism has captured the hearts and imaginations of seekers of spiritual understanding across the world. Buddha reprents calm and serenity

Buddhist inspired home decor  have become very trendy. Adding Buddha decor to  home is sure to inspire ones life while adding a sense of calm to their surroundings.

I have come across the the following paitings on the wall of the hotel which is so serene...

Painting of Buddha

Brass Statue
Wodden Sculptures

I have decided to make a painting of Buddha. Lets see when do i start and complete...

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Been very busy since few days. My office have shifted twice in a span of one month. Of course the earlier one was time gap arrangement. Now settling down in a new office. 

I have missed the last two challenges, and decided not going to miss this one. The week challenge is Opposites Attract

Am not very happy with picture. This was taken from a mobile. 

Adding colours in Black & White picture.