Lord Ganesha

After trying few Zen-tagles with black pen/ pencil, was very much eager to do something with colouring the tangles. I always enjoy playing with colours. The time that I most appreciate creating art is when I just want to colour.
One may wonder how to start doodling. The simplest answer I can offer is to just begin and then you will be surprised what you have created.
Put your pen to paper and see where your hand takes you. There are no rules except for the ones you make for yourself.  There is more to it than filling a page with circles and swirls.
While creating Zentangles  I was wondering why Zentangles are called as Zen-tangle. Must be to do with ZEN. I knew ZEN is a Buddhist philosophy. Checked Wikipedia for the real meaning of Zen...Wikipedia meaning of Zen is “The Japanese word Zen is derived from the Chinese word Chán, which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word dhyāna, which means "meditation" or "meditative state."
Zentangle is nothing less than meditation. It helps focussing, relaxation, relieve stress, improve eye/hand co-ordination.
Am just getting started. When I sit down to Tangle I go into the ‘zone’ and don’t think much at all…just doodle. Gets the creative juice flowing.




While surfing net, i came across a very interesting art form known as ZENTANGLES.  Zentangle is method of creating images with repetitive pattern. At a glance, zentangle looks very complicated but once you start creating it you realises its not as difficult as it looks. What I liked about Zentangle is that it helps in focus and is a good stress buster.  Zentangle is simple to understand and easy to enjoy — even if you are convinced you are not an artist. You never get bored because with Zentangle, you can always explore new areas of experience and understanding.
After checking few sites, i decided to create my own tangle. All I needed was a good black pen.  Luckily, I got hold of black pen and immediately started creating Zen tangles.

This is my first Zentagle. Created 16 blocks and this is what came out.

This is my second Zen-tangle.