Abstract art can be a painting or sculpture that does not depict a person, place or thing in the natural world. The Abstract art is a collection of meaningless shapes and colors thrown onto a canvas. In such art the viewer interprets its meaning for him/herself. It can be a test of someone’s interpretation skills.

Abstract art is non-objective, non-representational, and nonfigurative. Abstract art is one without a recognizable subject, one which doesn't relate to anything external or try to "look like" something. Instead the colour and form is the subject of the abstract painting.

This form of art is Non realistic. Like any other traditional art where the artist visualizes what he / she wants to capture, in this art form there is no intentional visualization. The artist may start creating artwork without realizing the end result. This kind of art can be perceived in many ways depending on the interpersonal skills / creativity of the viewer. Many a times the audience is not able to understand what the artist is trying to convey. It is up to the viewer to perceive in their own way. 

I wanted to create a   Funky Abstract Style with bold colours, bright shapes and intricate designs! The shape was created spontaneously. I then painted in various shapes, one color at a time. For instance, first I painted in all the yellow shapes. Then all the orange shapes, then dark pink, light pink, etc.

I strive to create a balanced variety of shapes and colors. The idea is that the different shapes and placement of colors will cause the viewer's eyes to bounce around the canvas. In this way I seek to create a sense of movement and energy in this funky artwork. So I continue painting in these shapes until the white canvas is entirely covered.

The repetitive designs start to form funky, sometimes intricate patterns. There are many different shapes and colors, but there is an overall feeling of balance and harmony. I named this Painting as Teenager. A teenager is a confluence of passion, emotion, feelings, and distractions.  A teenager keeps questioning and is always mysterious about the future.  Aggression in teenager is represented in the red border. Red is associated with aggression. When I started this painting I was unaware of the end result.