While surfing net, i came across a very interesting art form known as ZENTANGLES.  Zentangle is method of creating images with repetitive pattern. At a glance, zentangle looks very complicated but once you start creating it you realises its not as difficult as it looks. What I liked about Zentangle is that it helps in focus and is a good stress buster.  Zentangle is simple to understand and easy to enjoy — even if you are convinced you are not an artist. You never get bored because with Zentangle, you can always explore new areas of experience and understanding.
After checking few sites, i decided to create my own tangle. All I needed was a good black pen.  Luckily, I got hold of black pen and immediately started creating Zen tangles.

This is my first Zentagle. Created 16 blocks and this is what came out.

This is my second Zen-tangle. 


Maldita said...

i'm an art idiot but this looks really fun. will try it at home tonight!

nice blog sarika!

Sarika Chowdhery Sharma said...

Thanks Maldita.

Am sure you will really enjoy once you start doing it. Do let me know your experience.