Posting this post nearly after 2 and half years. Was busy with my little one who have turned 3 years last month. So was almost on a break. Not that I did not do anything. To be honest yes, did not do much on art and craft. Made a painting on canvas, which was spoiled by my little one while I was giving a finishing touch. She wanted to paint on the same canvas while I was away to attend a phone call and when I come back and to my surprise the canvas was filled with all different colors.  So BOOOOOOM...... it goes. So decided that will not leave my painting book anywhere here and there.....

Completed this painting some days back. Almost took 2 months to complete. Used to do when the little one is off to sleep which is always after 11.30 PM - 12.00 and then you are so tired to do anything.  Better late then never.


So I will try to be regular with my postings. Lets see  how regular. :-)