Last year on our anniversary my hubby planned a surprise trip to Udaipur.  Udaipur, also known as City Of Lakes,  is one of the beautiful cities of India. Udaipur is known for its Lakes, Museums, Temples, Havelis, Forts, gardens. It is one of the most artistic cites i have come across. The city is beautifully decorated with paintings on street walls, lamp post etc.

We were booked in Mewar Haveli, next to Pichola Lake. We could see the lake from our Hotel.

Mewar Haveli

City Palace

City Palace is the most magnificent palace  and is the most important tourist spot in Udaipur. If you have been to Udaipur and have not seen City Palace, then you have not seen Udaipur.

Enterance of City Palace

One can see the influence of both Mughal and Rajput style of interiors. The balconies are in Rajput style with miniature paintings on the walls and coloured glass, topped in gold. 

Inside the palace are various extensions including the Suraj Gokhada, Bada Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Bhim Vilas, and the Mor Chowk. 

Ganesh Temple inside the Palace 

The 'Krishna Vilas' has a remarkable collection of miniature paintings depicting royal processions, festivals and games of the Maharanas.

Painting of Maharana

Laghu Gokhra

'Mor Chowk' has unique glass mosaics of peacocks, set in the walls showing the three seasons: summer, winter and monsoon.

 Mor Chowk

The Bada Mahal is considered as the Men’s section of the City Palace, constructed in Rajput-Mughal architectural style, encloses beautiful garden, greenish landscaped lawns, vast courtyards, massive pillars and terraces, attractive fountains and royal apartments.  


Bhim Vilas Palace has beautiful paintings of Radha and Krishna adorning its walls while the Zenana Mahal or Ladies Chamber has beautiful murals as well as wall paintings to make it appear attractive. There is also the Dilkhush Mahal with similar charming interiors.

Communication centre

One way mirror used by Ladies to see outside 

 Chopar game played by the Maharanis

The Manak Mahal is yet another fantastic part of the City Palace complex where crystal and porcelain figures mesmerise the visitors.

Manek Mahal

Within the palace complex there is Suraj Gokhada from where the king addressed a large number of his people, primarily during crisis. A beautiful palace, Moti Mahal, is breathtakingly beautiful with its exquisite mirror work. The name of the palace itself is an indication of the beauty that lies in store for the visitors.  

Suraj Gokhada

Suraj Gokhanda from outside

Manek Mahal

Sheesh Mahal beams with thousands of sparkling pieces of mirrors.

 Sheesh Mahal

City Palace is used for Marriages and film shooting.  During our visit the shooting of Master Chef, India hosted by Askhay Kumar was going.

Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir Palace is a beautiful palace located on the southern island of Lake Pichola which is on the other side of the Lake Palace. One need to reach there by Ferry / Boat from inside the Lake palace.

Jag Mandir was made by Maharana Karan Singh as a refugee for Prince Shahjahan.

View of City Palace from the ferry

Breathtaking view from the ferry

 View of Jag Mandir

 Jag Mandir

Taj Mahal - Symbol Of Love ( In Jag Mandir)

Paintings of Elephants 

Grey Stone Elephant

Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple is one of the famous temple of Udaipur situated in the heart of the city. The temple was build by Manharana Jagat Singh and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe.

Jagdish Temple

 Jagdish Temple

Bagore Ki Haveli

One  can trace the exclusive stuff of Rajputs like jewellery boxes, hukkas, pan boxes, n hand fans, paintings, murals, wooden sculpture, copper vessels and other items of the rulers. The Queen's Chamber showcases fascinating original paintings of Mewar. This building has well-arranged balconies, terraces, courtyards and corridors.
While strolling in the museum, one can also see the private quarters of the royal ladies, their bath rooms, dressing rooms, bed rooms, living rooms, worship rooms and recreation rooms along with the dresses, turbans etc. In the evening, the haveli lightens and stages enjoyable performance of traditional dance and music of Rajasthan. The haveli looks marvelous with glowing lights in the night. Bagore Ki Haveli is a perfect place to explore the ancient architecture and life style of the royal family.

There is one room entirely dedicated for puppets.

There are many tourist attraction in Udaipur and cannot be described in one post. Concluding part in next post....

Images : Personal Album