Recently Times of India started  contest  for every Indian to capture  in their inimitable style. Shoot a photo or video, draw a cartoon or just tell  a joke, on anything  one feel makes India, India.
The day of the contest was March 15, 2011.  
One could submit entry  for the following categories -
(I)            Videos;
(II)           Photos;
(III)         Cartoons;
(IV)         Jokes & Anecdotes
For videos, photos and cartoons one could tag contents in the following themes

Overloaded India
Typical scenes of over-usage of capacities of all kinds - man as well as machine. e.g. – Family of 7 on scooter, Coolies, Overloaded City Bus/Auto/Cycle/ Rickshaws/Train/ Trucks
 Asli India
The reality that is India, the bharat that is not shining. e.g. – slums, beggars on road, the homeless, street children playing
Incredible India
The beauty, heritage and medley of colour that is India. e.g. – Monuments, fares and festivals, colourful dresses, wildilfe, nature, mountains, beaches
Chalta Hai India
Tolerance for everything, ‘if it doesn’t affect me I don’t care’ attitude e.g. – Dumping garbage on roads, marriage tents on colony roads, urinating in public, babus playing cards at work, cops asleep on the job
Golmaal India
Bribery, ‘settings’, all kinds of underhand nexus, cutting corners, goli-baazi and hanky-panky. e.g. – Corrupt cops, phony red light cars, touts and their fixes, fake brand, magic remedies.
Jugaad India
All about innovative fixes, enterprising street mechanics and business ideas, bending/ bypassing of rules e.g. – Harley engine autos, Washing machine to make lassi, things falling in place last minute in a shaadi or public function
Chaotic  India
Complete absence of order and systems in our daily life e.g. – no lane driving, buses stopping anywhere, hordes of people on top of a train, cattle on roads, chaotic
Bizzare India
Strange customs, rituals and superstitions; crazily mis-spelt signboards e.g. – Sadhu walking on fire, Idols drinking milk, witch doctor doing jhaad-phoonk, sign saying ‘child beer’, truck back panel saying “10 , 13, 9, ki hai”
Cricket crazy iNDIA
A Day in the Life of India joins cricket crazy India to look at the lighter side of our passion for cricket. Face-painted fans, crazy slogan banners, unique traits of players on the field or the peculiarities of gully cricket. Capture the obsessive spirit
Any image/video that does not fall under the above themes

The themes were very interesting. I have uploaded few photos which will share with you alog with their title :

Road to Heaven
Tag : Incredible India

Jai Nandi Gai
 Tag : Incredible India

 Job that keeps you close to GOD
 Tag : Incredible India

Mountain or Snow
Tag : Incredible India

Admist Mountain
Tag: Incredible India

Sunday @ Gurudwara

 Swastik - Spritual for Spritual Victory
Tag : Incredible India

Take me high high & High, I wanna fly
Tag : Incredible India

We are ready to take you for a ride
Tag : Incredible India

Nature at its Best
Tag : Incredible India

Our God is as colourful as our contry and people
Tag : Incredible India

My 5 photos are selected for the contest. These were mobile uploads.

 Each flower is a soul opening out to nature 


Global Vipassana Pagora @ Gorai 

 Fish Aquarium

 Perfumes are the feelings of the flower 

 I dont think I will win, but am glad that I participated and was shortlisted among more than 33,000 people.