Lot of people liked the bottles that I recycled. Now I was motivated to do something different and came up another idea. Took me just 10 minutes to create this.

I used rangoli colours (colored sand) and came up with this….

 Waiting for feedback...

When I was kid I have seen my mom never used to throw away those bits and pieces of cloth that were left over from whatever she used to stitch. There was time I really used to get irritated with those junk materials.  But to my surprise she always used to come out with some creative ideas to use those so called JUNK in such a way that everyone used to like it. Now me like my mom don’t throw away lots of JUNK material, you never know when you can come with any creative idea to make those Junk material in to some masterpiece….
So I have saved some chocolate boxes, small cardboard boxes. One can recycle and alter them into cute Jewel boxes, Pen holder, Flower vase…. Recycling not only saves money, but it also keeps our environment friendlier. 

Decoupage: Jewel Box
For Decoupage project, one can use magazine clippings, stamps or a combination of paper elements that harmonize in color or theme.

I have used the magazine cuttings from ELLE DÉCOR which had real classy pictures.  

I just loved the way it came out, and I had lots of more paper cuttings, so I decided to do another piece

Decoupage: Pen Holder

I have varnished to give a shiny look.

 Goodbye till the next post......