Our country is rich in creativity and each region had its own art form. We see the example of phulkari in Punjab, warli in Gujarat, chikan embroidery in Lucknow, weaving in the North-east, kantha in Bengal, miniature paintings in the state of Rajasthan, kethari, sujani and of course mithila paintings in the Mithila region of Bihar.
Madhubani painting also known as Mithila painting is an art form originated from Bihar. The women decorates their homes with this art form on walls, floors, canvas. They normally use natural and vegetable colours.
Vegetable colors are used making use of natural resources. For eg
  • Black – By blending soot and cow dung
  • Yellow - From turmeric, pollen, lime, milk of banyan leaves,
  • Blue -Indigo
  • Red - Kusam flower juice or red sandalwood
  • Green - wood apple tree leaves
  • White - Rice powder
  • Orange - Palasha flowers
Madhubani paintings add a dash of vibrancy in the room and enhance its appeal when used as home décor item.
I want to learn / try all the art forms of our country. This painting is created on handmade paper (one of the things to learn is to make handmade paper) and water colours.   

Attended the Kala Ghoda festival in town. There were some amazing stuff. Canvas painting, Phad painting, glass paintaing..... The highlight was the Madhubani Painting. The surprising thing was that the Madhubani paintings were made by the non professional, uneducated people from Bihar. Wonder why do we go for brands even in  paintings like M F Husssain etc etc, when the beautiful paintings are made by uneducated people.

Loved some home made chocklates with 3 flovours - the best was the mint flavour. Again it was about branding. 

Think I will have to learn how to brand a product.  If I can do that I can have my stall next year at Kala Khoda Festival 2011. 

Wishful Thinking......

I wanted to create a   Funky Abstract Style, writhing and wriggling with bold colours, bright shapes and intricate designs! The shape was created spontenouly.I then painted in various shapes, one color at a time. For instance, first I painted in all the yellow shapes. Then all the orange shapes, then dark pink, light pink, etc.
I strive to create a balanced variety of shapes and colors. The idea is that the different shapes and placement of colors will cause the viewer's eyes to bounce around the canvas. In this way I seek to create a sense of movement and energy in these funky artworks. So I continue painting in these shapes until the white canvas is entirely covered.
The repetitive designs start to form funky, sometimes intricate patterns. Creating a pattern is one element you can use to make an abstract work of art. 
There are many different shapes and colors, but there is an overall feeling of balance and harmony.

Work In progress

In his first incarnation, Vishnu has the lower part of the body like that of the fish (Matsaya) and the upper part like that of a man. He has four arms; with two he holds a conch shell & a wheel. While the other two are holding a lotus or a mace or are in the protection and boon giving modes.

I have always been facinated with nature. Have gone for lots of Botany excursion in college.  So when I saw these bunch of flower, I could not hold myslef and clicked the photos from the  mobile on the roadside and some of the pics are from garden.

Isnt it beautiful.